The Magazine Blueprint is the ultimate guide to making your own independent magazine. A hands-on manual that covers everything from deciding on a title, paper stock and size, to email marketing, distribution and crowd funding. With interviews from editors, writers, designers, retailers, distributors and marketers, it's a one-stop shop to get you from idea to execution. 

The book will be published in March 2018 and will be launched at Offset, Ireland's leading creative conference. 
The book will be available for pre-order on this site from March 20th, 2018 and shipping will start on March 23rd.  


164 pages
180mm x 230mm

Arctic Munken Paper
Full Colour




1. Introduction
From choosing size and paper stock to understanding the right (and wrong) reasons for setting up an indie magazine.

2. Getting Started
Why do you want to set up a magazine? How do you go about it? How big should it be? How many pages should it have and how do you decide on a paper stock? These are the questions every new publisher has, and we let you know how and why you should set up your title. From mission statements to collaborations, from finding stories to choosing a tone, we let you in on the secrets of putting together your first issue. 

3. Execution
This chapter focuses on how to turn ideas into content, how to manage the process (and the freelancers) and how to create a system to ensure you produce the best magazine possible. From finding (and commissioning) writers, photographers and illustrators to sub-editing, organisation and deadlines, this chapter will go into the nuts and bolts of running a magazine.

4. Design & The Cover
Design is crucial: how your magazine looks will communicate the type of magazine it is to the reader. We examine the role of the cover, why typography matters, how to avoid design clichés, how to deal with pre-press and the printer, and how to avoid the common design mistakes that befall new publishers.

5. Where's The Money?
How much does a magazine cost – and how can an independent publisher make money? We examine the costs of setting up a magazine, from printing to freelancers to marketing. We teach you how to create an effective rate card, how to sell ads and how to price your product. We interview publishers who have successfully used crowdfunding, and examine the best way to raise money online. We look at the hidden costs of international distribution and reveal how to spend the money you do have cleverly.

6. Build It & They Won't Come
You have your magazine – now what? We look at marketing, distribution and generating buzz. We examine the pros and cons of a free vs a paid pricing model, and we look at how best to use Instagram and other social media platforms. We talk to retailers, marketers and distributors and figure out how to get your magazine in the right stores, how to get (and keep) subscribers, and how to ensure your title gets talked about.

7. What's Next?
Once your magazine has been established, there are a number of roads you can take: you can set up a podcast or creative agency, start pitching for client work, or branch out into brand extensions. We examine the pitfalls of scaling up, building a business and ensuring your brand doesn’t get watered down.

8. Further Reading
Short reviews of 40+ books that every aspiring magazine maker should read, from books on design and pitching to typography and sub-editing.







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