The Magazine Blueprint is a how-to guide to creating your own independent magazine. From idea to execution and everything in between, the book will show you how to get your independent magazine to market. Featuring interviews with publishers, editors, designers and retailers around the world, The Magazine Blueprint is the most comprehensive guide to magazine making on the market. Sign up below to get information on the first issue plus bonus PDFs. 

Gail Bichler, New York Times Magazine/Danny Miller, Weapons of Reason/Adam Moss, New York Magazine/Steve Ryan, Root + Bone/George Lois, Esquire/Ryan Fitzgibbon, Esquire/Rob Alderson, Delayed Gratification/Alec Dudson, Intern/Jeremy Leslie, Magculture/Steve Watson, Stack/Sam Walton, Hole & Corner/Christopher Isenberg, Victory Journal/Steven Gregor, Gym Class/David Carson/Ibrahim Nehme, The Outpost/Kai Brach, Offscreen/Jo Walker, Frankie/Merope Mills, Guardian Weekend/Nelson Ng, Lost/Steve Daniels, Makeshift/Elana Schenker, Gratuitous Type/Les Jones, Elsie/Chris Dixon, Vanity Fair/Fraser Allen, Hot Rum Cow/Roisin Agnew, Guts/Aidan Lonergan, Totally Dublin/Benjamin Koh, Terroir/Kie Karew, Pog Ma Gol//PLUS MANY MORE...





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